Red Nose Day

All our nurseries enjoyed red nose day fun and games last Friday, all coming to nursery dressed in red and taking part in our fund raising activities. The children had a fabulous day and a huge thank you to all our parents/carers and staff for their generosity. We will be having a final count of donations received next week and we cannot wait to share this with you.

At White Post we celebrated by having a range of activities that involved lots of red. These included biscuit decorating, creating fabulous red pictures using different kinds of creative utensils and making funny red nose faces on plates.

















At West Bridgford, the children explored various activities involving the colour red. They constructed towers using red jelly and pasta and used expressive language to describe the textures before watching the jelly transform when hot water was added. There was a lovely smell coming from the tomato and herb scones and getting messy with the paint and our parents enjoyed their breakfast bars.









At Beeston the children made their own red noses and enjoyed lots of red creative activities. Tracy baked a red nosed themed cake for lunch too!









At Lowdham, the mini tots and toddlers enjoyed a fun filled morning of activities including face painting, red nose paintings, red play dough, red rice with assorted shape blocks and dancing. The children also took part in a danceathon and even learnt how to floss! The babies had fun creating red sticky back plastic pictures using collage pieces.