Happy Pancake Day!!
Yesterday our children enjoyed a wonderful pancake day. At group time we had a discussion about how to make pancakes, the ingredients we use the skills it takes to make pancakes. At lunch time for dessert, our wonderful cook made us some scrummy pancakes to enjoy. The children had a choice of oranges, lemons and jam to accompany their pancakes.
In the afternoon, the children in Pre-School explored our ‘outside pancake parlour’. The children were able to experiment with flour, water and all the utensils to make their pancakes. The children also had a creative area to make pancakes into wraps and even took their wonderful creations to the office for us to try.
We have had lots of different learning opportunities today which have included learning about different celebrations, family traditions, turn taking, imagination, fine motor skills, hand co-ordination and peer interactions.
We hope that you had a wonderful pancake night and we would love to see your pancake activities on your child’s tapestry.