Baby Room

Our baby room accommodates babies from 6 weeks old.  The emphasis in the baby unit is on loving care and stimulation coupled with stringent hygiene procedures. We encourage fluid conversations between parents and key workers to enable routines established at home to be continued during the nursery day. The baby room is a safe, homely environment with a maximum ratio of one staff member to every three children.

The staff provide a stimulating environment by talking, singing, cuddling and playing, with the aid of a huge range of toys and equipment along with lots of imaginative sensory activities.

The baby room also has its own kitchen; this enables staff to cater for your babies needs easily and includes a work surface area for preparing feeds, a refrigerator complete with labelled compartments for each individual child, heating equipment, bottle warmer and sterilising equipment.

The baby sleep areas are supervised at all times by staff with specific baby room training. We create a calm and inviting environment for babies to thrive and enjoy their time at nursery.

We appreciate that leaving a small baby in someone else’s care can be a very worrying experience, please feel free to telephone or call in at any time to enquire about your child’s day.

Mini Tots

When children begin to walk, and after discussions with parents, the move is made from the baby room to the mini tots. Here children become involved in the daily routine and start to begin more physical and mobile activities with children of a similar age. The staffing ratio in this room is a maximum of 1:3.

Children in Mini Tots take part in a wide range of activities all intended to stimulate and help them move on to the next stage of their development.  Outside play becomes part of the day as children begin to learn to be more physical and active.  Sensory and craft activities take on a whole new messy stage with play in baked beans, custard, jelly, pulses and rice along with the usual play dough, paint, clay.  There is no end to the possibilities for creative play.


The transition to the toddler room takes place over a period of time but generally the room caters for children between the ages of 2 and 3 years. There is an adult to child ratio of a maximum of 1:4. Here the children are involved in more challenging activities which include sand and water play, painting, sticking, mark making as well as the opportunity to begin some fantastic role play around the children’s favourite places.

Various themes are adopted every few weeks throughout the year. These themes are integrated into many activities during the day and the children’s work is celebrated through attractive displays throughout the room. The outside play areas are also used as much as possible whatever the weather, we just get dressed for it!

When appropriate, toilet training, social skills and manners are encouraged through praise and encouragement and the presence of good role models. In the toddler room emphasis is placed on encouraging children to develop their language skills through reading, singing and dancing.

We are always delighted to see the enjoyment that so many children receive through reading and we encourage their enjoyment of books and stories throughout their time at nursery. Our books and nursery libraries are always full of new and exciting titles to read or borrow to take home.


Children usually can’t wait to ‘go up’ to pre-school because it is exactly that, a stepping stone before they start Primary school.  This in one of our main aims, to prepare children for a confident and exciting start to school.  Pre-school care for children from their third birthday until they leave us for school. The children are supervised at all times within a maximum staff ratio of 1:8.

In the pre-school we aim to allow every child access to the curriculum. We are aware however, that some children may have particular educational, emotional or physical needs which, if not addressed, may affect their progress. In the pre-school unit and throughout the nursery we provide activities which are adapted to individual needs, allowing each child the ability to reach his or her full potential.

Various themes are adopted every few weeks throughout the year. These themes are integrated into many activities during the day and the children’s work is celebrated through attractive displays throughout the area.

While the majority of our activities focus around the integral part of children’s learning — play, we do also provide structured, learning activities within their play, and our values and principles are:

  • To promote certain values i.e. sharing, co-operation and the ability to learn from and accept others
  • To provide activities which are adapted to the needs of individual children
  • To provide interesting and enjoyable challenges
  • To equip the children with life skills, enabling them to achieve their potential academically
  • To promote confidence and a sense of self-worth.

The nursery has a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) who has received specific training in this area and is also responsible for liaising with other organisations and support services. A full copy of our Special Educational Needs Policy is available on request.