Healthy Eating

We make your children’s health and nutrition one of our top priorities here at Alphabet House, which is why we take a lot of time to ensure your child is well fed and hydrated so they are ready to learn, play and develop to their absolute maximum.

It is a huge yet rewarding task for our fabulous nursery cooks to provide three nutritious and interesting meals throughout the day; breakfast, lunch and tea, along with all the additional snacks, cooking activities and food related experiences we offer.

The food we serve in the nursery is both balanced and healthy, to supply quality fuel for your child.  Our groceries are delivered each week from Tesco, our fresh fruit and vegetables are also delivered from Village Greens in Farnsfield and our meat is from Robinson’s butchers in Netherfield.

We offer the children milk and water throughout the day and snacks consist of a wide variety of chopped fruit and vegetables.

If a child is engrossed in an activity and wishes to skip a snack, then we respect their wishes – the next meal is never too far away.

Fruit and vegetables are the back bones of our meals. We regularly involve your children in preparing and investigating food, our objective is to trigger their curiosity and enable them to be familiar with tasting and trying new foods.

We have observed that peer pressure is a powerful force and we often find that at home, children’s choices of food are often quite different to theirs at nursery.  Don’t be too surprised if your child tells you that he/she eats his/her least favourite food at nursery; but still objects at home!

Where possible our staff eat with the children to not only be positive role models with regard to table manners and trying different foods, but also to engage in lively conversation and to demonstrate meal times are social events and ones not to be rushed.

Mealtimes are made a pleasant experience by making being around the table a ‘nice place to be’. The older children have the responsibility of setting the table with help, children have real cutlery and crockery to eat with and we encourage children to eat independently. However, we are always there to support them should they need it.  As children become older, and particularly before they start school, the pre-school children begin to serve themselves and their friends, with both food and drinks.

If you child has any allergies, then it is vital that you let us know when you complete your registration documents, or if you have any specific food or allergy related developments during your child’s time with us.  Our cooks do their absolute best to cater for all allergies and to create meals as similar as possible to our standard nursery menus.

Please see below our current menus which are also displayed each day in the nursery. These aren’t set in stone – if we find a meal or ingredient isn’t particularly popular, we do make amendments and alterations to improve enjoyment and to reduce food waste.

Samples of our lunches and teas are available below:

Special dietary needs can be catered for on request.

“Alphabet House is brilliant, a friendly and caring atmosphere.”

“We are made to feel like our child is very special.”

Isla couldn’t wait to tell me that she had eaten all her lunch at nursery yesterday!  Her star chart should be delivered tomorrow so I’ll send that in on Friday, but I just wanted to thank you for your help and support, hopefully this is the start of her eating a little bit better!