As well as providing all the usual activities quality day nurseries provide, we ask specialist practitioners to come into our nurseries to provide extra special classes for our children. Forest schools, French, Music and Movement and also Yoga for our little ones all take place throughout the week and punctuate the nursery day for the children to learn some exciting additional skills. At our White Post nursery, Maria from Caunton Tennis Club provides weekly tennis classes.





Forest Schools

Since 2013, all our nurseries have offered Forest School sessions with Paul Craske our Forest School Leader. These sessions are free for our nursery pre-school children and provide a fantastic opportunity for the children to explore the wider world.

What is a Forest School?

Forest School is an fun, educational approach to play and learning in an outdoor environment. It offers a wonderfully innovative and proven way for children to develop emotional and social skills. In a natural environment, children are supported by trained staff so they can actively engage in absorbing and achieving activities.

How does it work?

Children learn about the natural environment and how to handle risks, exploring and understanding the natural world using their own initiative to solve problems and co-operate with others. Forest School programmes run throughout the year and children have access to use full sized tools, play, learn boundaries of behaviour, grow in confidence and self-esteem, and become self-motivated.

How children blossom

One of the most joyful aspects of Forest Schools for our nursery children is that participation inspires increased confidence and communication. We have seen children literally blossom as they interact with the natural environment, working with their peer group to solve problems, play, and learn.

Have a look at some of the comments from our parents. Forest School is a highlight during the week for the children where they spend time outdoors, in all types of weather, having great fun with their friends.


Some feedback from parents

“Just to say ‘thank you’ to David for such a positive learning experience on behalf of the Jones family.”

“The Christmas tree he made from a leaf was adorable!”

“I think it’s by far Sam’s favourite thing he has done at nursery.”

“I think that Jack just enjoyed being outside and playing and learning. It seemed like it was a great big adventure to him.”

“Thank you for all the effort you put into the sessions, good luck for the future of forest schools!”

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French Classes

French classes are held at Alphabet House nurseries for our 3-5 year olds with Jacqueline. These classes give the children the opportunity:

  • To learn French at an age when they are most receptive and uninhibited
  • To learn in small classes with children of their own age-group
  • To learn French words through activities that are interesting, rewarding and fun

Young children learn a second language in the same way they learn English, they listen and then they copy.  With our French classes the emphasis is on familiarity, repetition and having fun!  Children learn through everyday topics that they are familiar with such as “All about me, growing up, the zoo, the farm, the supermarket, my birthday etc…

They practice to say what the weather is like, learn to say their name and how they feel as well as learning some French finger-rhymes and how to count through song or games.  These short sessions provide a head start for the lessons encountered at primary school.

Mama Baby Bliss Yoga Classes

All nurseries offer Mama Baby Bliss baby and toddler yoga classes free of charge.


Baby Yoga builds on your baby’s physical and mental developmental milestones and helps strengthen your baby’s bones and muscle tone, as well as their co-ordination, balance and sensory motor skills too. The classes are calm and relaxing and are thoroughly enjoyed by babies and the staff!

Classes for toddlers (age 2 to 3) including movement, singing, stories, nursery rhymes, treasure baskets and sensory play. As its name suggests, the classes stimulates the toddler’s language skills and increasing independence with movement. Specific yoga based moves aid their increased body control.


Music and Movement

Music is really important in the early years, and recent research has found that music making, listening and singing from the earliest months encourages speech development. Movement to music helps with muscle development, co-ordination and encourages balancing and rhythm and helps stretch a child’s imagination through the interpretation of music.

We are delighted to tell you that all our nurseries offer music and movement classes for all ages of children throughout the nursery. A qualified dance teacher teaches simple steps and exercises to music.