Parents as Partners

The link between home and nursery is very important to us as it helps us to understand, and therefore deliver, each child’s individual requirements. A personal portfolio is kept at the nursery for each child, and these are shared at our bi-annual parent evenings. They are also accessible to parents at any time.

All children have their own profile on a software system we operate called ‘Tapestry’, which enables families to monitor their child’s development, record achievements and milestones from home via a tablet or smart phone.  This information enables our staff to focus activities and topics towards the children’s individual special interests, and even requests, when completing their daily planning.

We use a system of continuous assessment through written observations and photography, which clearly demonstrates the children’s progress in the various areas of learning.  These are reviewed regularly to ensure the appropriate progress is being made.

For the younger children, daily information sheets are completed to include relevant information on the child’s sleep, mealtimes and activities throughout that particular day.  Our teams work with parents to ensure quality, individual care is provided for their child, through regular communication and feedback.

We produce newsletters (please see examples in our Newsletters section below) keeping everyone informed of forthcoming events, and parent’s evenings are held twice a year as well as Christmas Parties, the Nativity Play and many other celebrations and trips, all of which enable parents to become involved as much as they would like.

We care what you think, and we are always willing to listen to any suggestions for improvements. We like to think that the relationship between us and our families means that we enjoy an open line of communication, enabling open and honest dialogue.


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