A busy start to the New Year

It’s been a busy start to 2019 at all our nurseries.

At White Post, the children have been looking at ‘our pets’. They have been making animal foot prints, rabbit ears and gold fish bowls. They also visited the pet shop at White Post Farm and looked at all the items they would need to look after the animals, such as their houses and what things they like to eat. The children are very excited about next week as we have some special animal visitors, watch this space!










At West Bridgford, the under 2’s have been busy exploring objects of different materials, shapes and sizes. As they play with the objects they can become anything they want them to be as their curiosity develops through play. Also, this week saw the return of our French lessons with Jacqueline. The children learned the words for ball- un ballon, doll-une poupee and teddy-un nounours.









Children at our Beeston nursery have had a very busy week too. They have enjoyed a trip to the park, visited the library to change their books, and also had lots of messy experiences!









And at Lowdham, toddlers have been making pom poms, using cardboard circles and thread. They have been practicing their hand eye coordination as well as their concentration in order to make the pom pom themselves! Our preschoolers have been matching some shapes on a large piece of paper, taking care to make sure their shapes were the right way and that they fit into the correct place. They were very proud of themselves for working out where each shape went!