Our Pre-school room is located on the first floor of the nursery and children here enjoy a wide range of activities to help them learn and grow. The pre-school cared for children from their third birthday until they leave for school. The children are supervised at all times within a maximum staff ratio  of 1:8.

In the pre-school we aim to allow every child access to the curriculum. We are aware however, that some children may have particular educational, emotional or physical needs which, if not addressed, may affect their progress. In the pre-school unit and throughout the nursery we provide activities which are adapted to individual needs, allowing each child the ability to reach his or her full potential.

West Bridgford Pre-school has a specific Early Years Specialist  who oversees all preschool activities and has more detailed knowledge of the curriculum.

The nursery has a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) who has received further training in this area and is also responsible for liaising with other organisations and support services. A full copy of our Special Educational Needs Policy is available on request.

Various themes are adopted every few weeks throughout the year, these themes are integrated into many activities during the day and the children’s work is celebrated through attractive displays throughout the area.

While the majority of our activities focus around the integral part of children’s learning — play, we do also provide structured, learning activities within their play, and our values and principles are:

  • To promote certain values i.e. sharing, co-operation and the ability to learn from and accept others
  • To provide activities which are adapted to the needs of individual children
  • To provide interesting and enjoyable challenges
  • To equip the children with life skills enabling them to achieve their potential academically
  • To promote confidence and a sense of self-worth.