Baby Room

Our baby room accommodates babies up to approximately 12 months. The emphasis in the baby unit and throughout the nursery is on loving care and stimulation coupled with stringent hygiene procedures and safety precautions. The baby room is a safe, homely environment with a maximum ratio of one staff member to every three children.

The staff provide a stimulating environment by talking, singing, cuddling and playing, with the aid of a huge range of toys.

The baby room also has its own kitchen; this enables staff to cater for your babies needs easily and includes a work surface area for preparing feeds etc, a refrigerator complete with labelled compartments for each individual child, heating equipment, bottle warmer and sterilising equipment.

The baby sleep room is supervised at all times with qualified staff within the specific ratio. The sleep room provides cots with their own musical mobiles to help soothe your baby to sleep.

We appreciate that leaving a small baby in someone else’s care can be a very worrying experience, please feel free to telephone or call in at any time to check how your child is.