French Classes

La Jolie Ronde French classes are held at Alphabet House nurseries for our 3-5 year olds. These classes give the children the opportunity:

  • To learn French at an age when they are most receptive and uninhibited
  • To learn in small classes with children of their own age-group
  • To achieve a high standard through activities that are interesting, rewarding and fun.


Young children learn a second language in the same way they learn English, they listen and then they copy.  With La Jolie Ronde’s Pre-School and Nursery Programme the emphasis is on familiarity, repetition and having fun!.  Children learn through everyday topics that they are familiar with such as “All about me, growing up, the zoo, the farm, the supermarket, my birthday etc… They practice to say what the weather is like, learn to say their name and how they feel as well as learning some French finger-rhymes and how to count through song or games.  These short sessions provide a head start for the lessons encountered at primary school.