159Since September 2013, our West Bridgford, White Post and Beeston nurseries have been offering Forest Schools sessions with David Green a Forest School Leader for our pre-school children. These sessions are free for our nursery children.

Take a look at our Gallery for lots of photos of the fabulous time children have.

What is a Forest School?

A Forest School is an innovative educational approach to outdoor play and learning in a woodland environment. It offers a wonderfully innovative and proven way for children to develop emotional and social skills In a natural environment, children are supported by trained staff so they can actively engage in absorbing an achieving activities.

How does it work?

Children learn about the natural environment and how to handle risks, exploring and understanding the natural world using their own initiative to solve problems and co-operate with others. Forest School programmes run throughout the year and children have access to use full sized tools, play, learn boundaries of behaviour, grow in confidence and self-esteem, and become self motivated.

How children blossom

One of the most joyful aspects of Forest Schools for our nursery children is that participation inspires increased confidence and communication. We have seen children literally blossom as they interact with the natural environment, working with their peer group to solve problems, play, and learn.

A proven difference

124.JPGA 13 month long study carried out in Sweden concluded that children attending forest schools are more balanced with greater socially capability, they have fewer days off sick; are more able to concentrate and have better co-ordination than children in purely city-centered kindergartens.

The principle reasons were:

  • a greater range of opportunities present for play in nature
  • exploration and play timeframes lasting longer
  • less interruption of each other

The study also showed that the forest school children had 25% fewer sick days, were arriving at school with stronger social skills, greater ability to work in groups, and generally children had high self-esteem and confidence in their own capabilities.
All these attributes proved to be an effective foundation that raised academic achievements.

Some feedback from parents

“Just to say ‘thank you’ to David for such a positive learning experience on behalf of the Jones family.”

“The Christmas tree he made from a leaf was adorable!”

“I think it’s by far Sam’s favourite thing he has done at nursery.”

“I think that Jack just enjoyed being outside and playing and learning. It seemed like it was a great big adventure to him.”

“Thank you for all the effort you put into the sessions, good luck for the future of forest schools!”


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WB Forest School Booklet.

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